Enable a widget to be dragged allowing it to be removed if dropped in an area or hidden if time passes or is pressed out.




  • x You can drag it anywhere you want
  • x The button is attracted to the edges of the container, it bounces!
  • x The button, if released outside the natural edges, is attracted inside
  • x The Button hides when some time passes
  • x The button hides if you don't play with him, if you hit someone else
  • x You can delete the button by dragging it over an area (Bin)
  • x When the button is released inside the bin it shrinks and aligns with the center of the bin
  • When the button approaches the bin it is attracted to it

Getting started

Remember to wrap everything in a ┬┤FloatingZone┬┤


Define your draggable widget.

final draggable = FloatingDraggable(
  controller: _dartController,
  naturalEdgesResolver: (containerSize, childSize) {
    return const EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: double.nan, vertical: 64.0);
  elasticEdgesResolver: (containerSize, childSize) {
    return const EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 16.0, vertical: double.nan);
  retractEdgesResolver: (containerSize, childSize) {
    return EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: -(0.60 * childSize.width), vertical: double.nan);
  child: FloatingActionButton(
    onPressed: () {},
    child: const Icon(Icons.message),

You can define a target for dragging, this target will delete the draggable widget when dropped into it

const dragTarget = FloatingCircularDragBin();

Wrap it all up in a Floating Zone. It is necessary for proper functioning. You can also use FloatingZone.inOverlay.

final result = FloatingZone.inStack(
  entries: [
    const Positioned(
      bottom: 16.0,
      right: 0.0,
      left: 0.0,
      child: dragTargetBin,
      bottom: 16.0,
      right: 16.0,
      child: draggable,
  child: RestrictedFloatingZone(
    child: scaffold,

If you use RestrictedFloatingZone you will be able to hide the draggable widget when the user presses in RestrictedFloatingZone

Additional information

TODO: Add additional information

Developer information

  • Release: flutter pub publish
  • Generate barrel file: dart pub global run index_generator