MeCab(Japanese Morphological Analyzer) wrapper for Flutter on iOS/Android.


  1. Add this plug_in mecab_dart as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.
   mecab_dart: 0.1.6
  1. Copy Mecab dictionary (ipadic) to your assets folder

  2. Windows only setup Create a blobs folder on the top level of your application and copy libmecab.dll from example/blobs there. Lastly, open windows/CMakeLists.txt of your application and append at the end:

  FILES ${PROJECT_BUILD_DIR}/../blobs/libmecab.dll 
  1. Try example/lib/main.dart or the following example.


Init the tagger:

var tagger = new Mecab();
await tagger.init("assets/ipadic", true);

Set the boolean option in init function to true if you want to get the tokens including features, set it to false if you only want the token surfaces.

Use the tagger to parse text:

var tokens = tagger.parse('にわにわにわにわとりがいる。');
var text = '';

for(var token in tokens) {
  text += token.surface + "\t";
  for(var i = 0; i < token.features.length; i++) {
    text += token.features[i];
    if(i + 1 < token.features.length) {
       text += ",";
  text += "\n";

Building on Windows

Because mecab uses nmake on windows to compile, the mecab DLL needs to be created separately. For this open a Developer Command Prompt and change in the windows/src directory. In this directory execute nmake -f Makefile.x64.msvc. After the build process finished, there should be a libmecab.dll in windows/src.