Max Country Picker

Country picker with three icon mode Circle, Square, and Emoji, and also have two view mode Page and Modal Bottom Sheet.


App Screenshot



  flutter pub add max_country_picker


  import 'package:max_country_picker/max_country_picker.dart';


  flagMode: FlagMode.square,
  initialCountryCode: 'ID',
  onCanged: (value) {


Field Type Description
initialCountryCode String Set initial country code
countryCodeStyle TextStyle Customize main button country code textstyle
countryNameStyle TextStyle Customize main button country name textstyle
showDropDown bool Show or hide button dropdown icon
showFlagIcon bool Show or hide button flag icon
showCountryName bool Show or hide button flag name
dropDownColor Color Set dropdown icon color
flagIconSize double Set flag icon size
flagMode FlagMode Change flag mode emoji, circle, or square
viewMode ViewMode Change country view mode page or modal bottom sheet
countryListConfig CountryListConfig Configure country list

CountryListConfig Parameters

Field Type Description
title String Country list and ViewMode.modal title
appBarBackButtonColor Color Set appbar backbutton color
appBarCustomBackButtonIcon Widget Custom back button
appBarTitleTextStyle TextStyle appbar title textstyle
backgroundColor Color backgroundColor
countryCodeTextStyle TextStyle Country code list textstyle
countryNameTextStyle TextStyle Country name list textstyle
filterExcludeCountry List Filtering what country you want to hide
filterOnlyShowingCountry List Filtering what country you want to show
flagIconSize double Sizing country list flag size
hideSearchBar bool Show or hide searchbar
modalBackgoroundColor Color Setting modal background color
modalIndicatorColor Color Setting modal indicator color
modalTitleTextStyle TextStyle ViewMode.modal title textstyle
searchBackgroundColor Color Searchbar background color
searchCustomSearchIcon Widget Set custom icon searchbar
searchHintText String Searchbar hint text
searchHintTextStyle TextStyle Searchbar hint text style
searchIconColor Color Searchbar icon color
searchRadius double Searchbar raidus
searchTextStyle TextStyle Searchbar text style
separatedColor Color Customize separated country list color
systemOverlayStyle SystemUiOverlayStyle customize systemOverlayStyle

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