Matrix SDK

Matrix ( SDK written in dart.

Native libraries

For E2EE, libolm must be provided.

Additionally, OpenSSL (libcrypto) must be provided on native platforms for E2EE.

For flutter apps you can easily import it with the flutter_olm and the flutter_openssl_crypto packages.

How to use this

  1. Import the sdk
  matrix: <latest-version>
  # Optional:
  flutter_olm: <latest-version>
  flutter_openssl_crypto: <latest-version>
import 'package:matrix/matrix.dart';
  1. Create a new client:
final client = Client("HappyChat");

The SDK works better with a database. Otherwise it has no persistence. For this you need to provide a databaseBuilder like this:

final client = Client(
  databaseBuilder: (_) async {
    final dir = await getApplicationSupportDirectory(); // Recommend path_provider package
    final db = HiveCollectionsDatabase('matrix_example_chat', dir.path);
    return db;
  1. Connect to a Matrix Homeserver and listen to the streams: loginState){ 
  print("LoginState: ${loginState.toString()}");
}); eventUpdate){ 
  print("New event update!");
}); eventUpdate){ 
  print("New room update!");

await client.checkHomeserver("");
await client.login(
  identifier: AuthenticationUserIdentifier(user: 'alice'),
  password: '123456',
  1. Send a message to a Room:
await client.getRoomById('your_room_id').sendTextEvent('Hello world');