This package provides customizable scrollbar for your widget and easy to implement with the few lines of code.

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Material Scrollbar.

Material Scrollbar



        thumbColor: const Color(0xffe240fb),
        trackColor: const Color(0xfff0c0f8),
        thumbVisibility: true,
        thickness: 10,
        radius: const Radius.circular(10),
        child: ListView.builder(
          itemBuilder: (context, index) {
            return Material(
              child: Column(
                mainAxisAlignment: MainAxisAlignment.spaceBetween,
                children: [
                    title: Text(items[index]),
                  const Divider(
                    height: 1,
          itemCount: items.length,

Required parameters


thumbColor is the moving part of the scrollbar, which usually floats on top of the track.


trackColor is the empty space “below” the progress bar.

Optional parameters


The thickness of the scrollbar in the cross axis of the scrollable.


Indicates that the scrollbar thumb should be visible, even when a scroll is not underway.


The Radius of the scrollbar thumb's rounded rectangle corners.


The size of the scrollbar thumb.

Guideline for contributors

Contribution towards our repository is always welcome, we request contributors to create a pull request to the develop branch only.

Guideline to report an issue/feature request

It would be great for us if the reporter can share the below things to understand the root cause of the issue.

  • Library version
  • Code snippet
  • Logs if applicable
  • Device specification like (Manufacturer, OS version, etc)
  • Screenshot/video with steps to reproduce the issue


Material Scrollbar is MIT-licensed.

Let us know!

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