material_rounded_button Material rounded button helps you to quickly create rounded button with Icon.

Getting Started

To install, add it to your pubspec.yaml file:

 material_rounded_button: 0.0.1```  
You can now import it to your file and use it on your app.  
import 'package:material_rounded_button/materia_rounded_items.dart';```  
child: MaterialRoundedButton(  
  title: 'Camera',  
  icon: const Icon(Icons.add_a_photo,size: 40,),  
  elevation: 10,  
The constructor has 7 attributes :  
- `String Title` is the only required attribute (Icon name)
- `double fontSize` is a font size of title.  
- `Icon icon` is a icon set type inside material button.  
- `double elevation` is the Elavation measure of button.  
- `Color backgroundColor` is background color of button.  
- `double radius` is the radius of the button.  
- `Function onPress` is the button press callback.