masion_from pub package style: analysis

License: MIT

A mason switch tool created by HZ.

you can get a brick from bundle( json file )


  • make brick-template from bundle
masonx bf example/core.json output
  • gen all var of brick
masonx gc bundlePath
  • patch some variable from brick to a new brick
masonx patch somebrick output -c config

hint: var in config, can't be as option argument. Example:

  • ban: $ masonx patch somebrick output --name xxx

hint: somebrick is not brickDir,please mason add it first

get bricks

extend from masox

masonx add --global --source git --path '' --ref flutter_project
masonx add --global --source git --path '' --ref dart_package_factory
masonx add --global --source git --path '' --ref flutter_project


To get a brickbrick from bundlebundle