A customizable toolbar to enhance your experience of writing Markdown in Flutter apps.

This plugin uses the TextField widget from Flutter (read more below). In the future, it may become independent from it to change any text, no matter where it's coming from.

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Responsive wrapping and collapsable

Horizontal toolbar Horizontal toolbar collapsed

Vertical responsive toolbar Vertical responsive toolbar collapsed


Convert your text to these styles:

Convert to In Markdown Supported
Heading (1-6) # Heading
Bold **Bold**
Italic *Italic*
Strikethrough ~~Strikethrough~~
Link [Link](https://pub.dev)
Image ![Image](assets/image.png)
Code ```Code```
Bulleted list - Bulleted list
Numbered list 1. Numbered list
Checkbox - [ ] Checkbox and - [x] Checkbox
Quote > Quote
Horizontal rule ---

About the toolbar:

  • Platform-independent
  • Responsive wrapping (+ optionally collapsable)
  • RTL support (by setting textDirection: TextDirection.rtl in your custom TextField)
  • Easy to implement
  • Uses its own parser that can be made more precise over time
  • No other dependencies apart from the Flutter widgets


First, import the package:

import 'package:markdown_toolbar/markdown_toolbar.dart';

You have 2 options:

1. Quick integration

For quick integration, simply add the MarkdownToolbar widget (which includes a TextField) and you're done:

const MarkdownToolbar(useIncludedTextField: true),

2. Custom TextField

However, if you want to use your own TextField, declare your TextEditingController and FocusNode and set them to the controller and focusNode fields respectively (for both the TextField and MarkdownToolbar widgets):

final TextEditingController _controller = TextEditingController(); // Declare the TextEditingController
late final FocusNode _focusNode; // Declare the FocusNode

void initState() {
    _controller.addListener(() => setState(() {})); // Update the text when typing
    _focusNode = FocusNode(); // Assign a FocusNode

void dispose() {
    _controller.dispose(); // Dispose the TextEditingController
    _focusNode.dispose(); // Dispose the FocusNode

// Inside a Column for instance, place the widgets and assign the fields
Column(children: <Widget>[
        useIncludedTextField: false, // Because we want to use our own, set useIncludedTextField to false
        controller: _controller, // Add the _controller
        focusNode: _focusNode, // Add the _focusNode
        controller: _controller, // Add the _controller
        focusNode: _focusNode, // Add the _focusNode

For a complete example, check out example.dart.

Customization options:

Property Type Default Description
useIncludedTextField bool N/A, required Use the included TextField
controller TextEditingController? N/A Set a custom TextEditingController if useIncludedTextField is set to false
focusNode FocusNode? N/A Set a custom FocusNode if useIncludedTextField is set to false
collapsable bool true Show a button to collapse the toolbar
alignCollapseButtonEnd bool false Align the collapse button at the end, not at the start
flipCollapseButtonIcon bool false Flip the collapse button icon
backgroundColor Color Color(0xFFEEEEEE) Background color of the buttons
dropdownTextColor Color Colors.blue Text color in the dropdown selections
iconColor Color Color(0xFF303030) Icon color of the buttons
iconSize double 24.0 Icon size of the buttons
borderRadius BorderRadius BorderRadius.all(Radius.circular(6.0)) Border radius of the buttons
width double 60.0 Width of the buttons
height double 40.0 Height of the buttons
spacing double 4.0 Spacing between the buttons
runSpacing double 4.0 Vertical spacing between the buttons
alignment WrapAlignment WrapAlignment.end WrapAlignment of the buttons
boldCharacter String '**' Markdown character for bold text
italicCharacter String '*' Markdown character for italic text
codeCharacter String '```' Markdown character for code
bulletedListCharacter String '-' Markdown character for bulleted lists
horizontalRuleCharacter String '---' Markdown character for horizontal rules
hideButton 1-9 bool false Hide certain buttons in the toolbar (replace Button with the available buttons)
showTooltips bool true Show tooltips for the buttons
button 1-9Tooltip String 'Name of button' Custom tooltips when hovering over the buttons (replace button with the available buttons)

You can also hover over the MarkdownToolbar widget and its fields inside your IDE to receive more information regarding all the options.


  • Ability to rearrange the buttons through a List (and thus remove the need for hideButton booleans, as you can simply not include the unwanted buttons inside the list)
  • Custom character support for all buttons to change the added Markdown characters on click
  • Custom button support
  • Custom function support when clicking a button (Useful for integrating things like a File Picker when inserting an Image instead of having to manually type out the path)
  • Add Emoji button