Markdown Editor Plus

This is a fork of simple_markdown_editor by zahnia88 with contributions from fossfreaks

Simple markdown editor library For flutter. For demo video, you can see it at this url Demo


  • ✅ Convert to Bold, Italic, Strikethrough
  • ✅ Convert to Code, Quote, Links
  • ✅ Convert to Heading (H1, H2, H3).
  • ✅ Convert to unorder list and checkbox list
  • ✅ Support multiline convert
  • ✅ Support auto convert emoji


Add dependencies to your pubspec.yaml

    markdown_editor_plus: ^latest

Run flutter pub get to install.

How it works

Import library

import 'package:markdown_editor_plus/markdown_editor_plus.dart';

Initialize controller and focus node. These controllers and focus nodes are optional because if you don't create them, the editor will create them themselves

TextEditingController _controller = TextEditingController();

Show widget for editor

// editable text with toolbar by default
    controller: _controller,
    emojiConvert: true,

// editable text without toolbar
    controller: _controller,
    emojiConvert: true,
    enableToolBar: false,

if you want to parse text into markdown you can use the following widget:

String data = '''


    data: data,
    onTapHastag: (String name, String match) {
        // name => hashtag
        // match => #hashtag
    onTapMention: (String name, String match) {
        // name => mention
        // match => #mention

In order to set the colors

    controller: _controller,
    enableToolBar: true,
    emojiConvert: true,
    autoCloseAfterSelectEmoji: false,
    // toolbar's background color, text color will be based on theme
    // toolbar's expandable widget colors like headings, ordering