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MarkdownEditableTextInput is a TextField Widget that allow you to convert easily what's in the TextField to Markdown.


  • x Convert to Bold, Italic, Strikethrough
  • x Convert to Code, Quote, Links
  • x Convert to Heading (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6) and Links
  • x Support text direction



The color of the MarkdownTextInput is defined by the color set in your Theme :

  • primaryColor: Cursor's color
  • colorScheme.secondary: MarkdownTextInput's borders
  • cardColor: Background color of MarkdownTextInput


Attributes Example Value Description
Function onTextChanged Callback used to retrieve the text in parent's Widget
String initialValue "Lorem Ipsum" Display an initial value in MarkdownTextInput's field
Function validators Add validators to the MarkdownTextInput
String label "Description" Display a label in MarkdownTextInput
TextDirection textDirection TextDirection.rtl Change text direction
int maxLines 3 The maximum of lines that can be display in the input
List MarkdownType.bold, MarkdownType.italic Actions the editor will handle
TextEditingController controller TextEditingController() Pass your own controller. Can be used to clear the input for example
TextStyle textStyle Theme.of(context).textTheme.bodyText2 Overrides input text style
bool insertLinksByDialog; true Choose to use dialog or not to insert link


You can see an example of how to use this package here