Mappls Nearby Widget

The Mappls Nearby Widget makes it easy to integrate the functionality to search nearby POIs for selected categories in your Flutter application. The Nearby Search widget provided as a means to enable radially search for Nearby Places on Mappls Maps. The widget offers the following basic functionalities:

  • Ability to search for nearby places directly with Mappls Maps visual interface.
  • A single method to initiate nearby search across all categories of places available on Mappls.
  • Ability to get information from Mappls Nearby Search widget through a callback.

This can be done by following simple steps.

Getting Started

To work with Mappls nearby Widget in flutter add these to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  mappls_nearby_plugin: ^1.0.0

Now in your dart code you need to import this package:

import 'package:mappls_nearby_plugin/mappls_nearby_plugin.dart';

Adding Mappls Keys

You must provide your keys through the MapplsAccountManager class.(click here)

Nearby Widget

Use method openNearbyWidget to open Nearby Widget:

// Platform messages may fail, so we use a try/catch PlatformException.  
try {  
 NearbyResult nearbyResult = await openNearbyWidget(); 
} on PlatformException {  

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