This package provides easy api calls to MapBox Search API.

Also, it contains an static map image generator 😆.

Maki Icons can be used now in marker icon

Migration to 2.0

Before 2.0 this library depended on Flutter SDK, preventing its usage on other platforms such as a backend, CLI apps, Dart2Javascript, etc...

Now all the Flutter related code, such as the MapBoxSearchWidget was moved to a separated library: mapbox_search_flutter.

For that reason, you cannot use the Colors class anymore on you Flutter project. Instead use map_box_search's Color.rgb constructor, passing the values as parameters:

var myColor = Colors.redAccent; //Flutter's Color class
var mapBoxColor = Color.rgb(,,;


First of all you must acquire an API key on the MapBox website

Then, add the following to your pubspec.yaml file:

  mapbox_search: any


Reverse GeoCoding

var reverseGeoCoding = ReverseGeoCoding(
    apiKey: 'API Key',
    limit: 5,

Future<List<MapBoxPlace>> getPlaces() =>
    Location(lat: 72.0, lng: 76.00),

Places Seach

var placesSearch = PlacesSearch(
    apiKey: 'API Key',
    limit: 5,

Future<List<MapBoxPlace>> getPlaces() =>
  placesSearch.getPlaces("New York");

Static Image

MapBoxStaticImage staticImage = MapBoxStaticImage(
        "API Key");

Image With Polyline

    String getStaticImageWithPolyline() => staticImage.getStaticUrlWithPolyline(
      point1: Location(lat: 37.77343, lng: -122.46589),
      point2: Location(lat: 37.75965, lng: -122.42816),
      marker1: MapBoxMarker( markerColor:, 
      markerLetter: MakiIcons.aerialway.value, 
      markerSize: MarkerSize.LARGE),
      marker2: MapBoxMarker(
          markerColor: Color.rgb(244, 67, 54),
          markerLetter: 'q',
          markerSize: MarkerSize.SMALL),
      height: 300,
      width: 600,
      zoomLevel: 16,
      style: MapBoxStyle.Mapbox_Dark,
      path: MapBoxPath(pathColor: Color.rgb(255, 0, 0), pathOpacity: 0.5,     pathWidth: 5),
      render2x: true);

Image with Marker

String getStaticImageWithMarker() => staticImage.getStaticUrlWithMarker(
  center: Location(lat: 37.77343, lng: -122.46589),
  marker: MapBoxMarker(
      markerColor: Color.rgb(0, 0, 0), markerLetter: 'p', markerSize: MarkerSize.LARGE),
  height: 300,
  width: 600,
  zoomLevel: 16,
  style: MapBoxStyle.Mapbox_Streets,
  render2x: true,

Image without Marker

String getStaticImageWithoutMarker() => staticImage.getStaticUrlWithoutMarker(
    center: Location(lat: 37.75965, lng: -122.42816),
    height: 300,
    width: 600,
    zoomLevel: 16,
    style: MapBoxStyle.Mapbox_Outdoors,
    render2x: true,


Static Map Image

Static Map Image

Search Widget