This package provides easy api calls to MapBox Search API.

Also, it contains an static map image generator 😆.

Maki Icons can be used now in marker icon

As this package doesn't depend on Flutter SDK you cannot use the Colors class anymore on you Flutter project. Instead use map_box_search's Color.rgb constructor, passing the values as parameters:

var myColor = Colors.redAccent; //Flutter's Color class
var mapBoxColor = Color.rgb(,,;


First of all you must acquire an API key on the MapBox website

Then, add the following to your pubspec.yaml file:

  mapbox_search: any


Reverse GeoCoding

var reverseGeoCoding = ReverseGeoCoding(
    apiKey: 'API Key',
    limit: 5,

Future<List<MapBoxPlace>> geAddress() =>
    Location(lat: 72.0, lng: 76.00),

Places Seach

var placesSearch = PlacesSearch(
    apiKey: 'API Key',
    limit: 5,

Future<List<MapBoxPlace>> getPlaces() =>
  placesSearch.getPlaces("New York");

Static Image

MapBoxStaticImage staticImage = MapBoxStaticImage(
        "API Key");

Image With Polyline

    String getStaticImageWithPolyline() => staticImage.getStaticUrlWithPolyline(
      point1: Location(lat: 37.77343, lng: -122.46589),
      point2: Location(lat: 37.75965, lng: -122.42816),
      marker1: MapBoxMarker( markerColor:, 
      markerLetter: MakiIcons.aerialway.value, 
      markerSize: MarkerSize.LARGE),
      marker2: MapBoxMarker(
          markerColor: Color.rgb(244, 67, 54),
          markerLetter: 'q',
          markerSize: MarkerSize.SMALL),
      height: 300,
      width: 600,
      zoomLevel: 16,
      style: MapBoxStyle.Mapbox_Dark,
      path: MapBoxPath(pathColor: Color.rgb(255, 0, 0), pathOpacity: 0.5,     pathWidth: 5),
      render2x: true);

Image with Marker

String getStaticImageWithMarker() => staticImage.getStaticUrlWithMarker(
  center: Location(lat: 37.77343, lng: -122.46589),
  marker: MapBoxMarker(
      markerColor: Color.rgb(0, 0, 0), markerLetter: 'p', markerSize: MarkerSize.LARGE),
  height: 300,
  width: 600,
  zoomLevel: 16,
  style: MapBoxStyle.Mapbox_Streets,
  render2x: true,

Image without Marker

String getStaticImageWithoutMarker() => staticImage.getStaticUrlWithoutMarker(
    center: Location(lat: 37.75965, lng: -122.42816),
    height: 300,
    width: 600,
    zoomLevel: 16,
    style: MapBoxStyle.Mapbox_Outdoors,
    render2x: true,


Static Map Image

Static Map Image

Search Widget

Demo Demo


Copyright (c) 2014 Michael Fenwick