This package aim to :


See examples/ for all available examples

import 'package:mapbox_api/mapbox_api.dart';

MapboxApi mapbox = MapboxApi(
  accessToken: '<Mapbox API token>',

Get your API token on

Request directions services

final response = await mapbox.directions.request(
  profile: NavigationProfile.DRIVING_TRAFFIC,
  overview: NavigationOverview.FULL,
  geometries: NavigationGeometries.GEOJSON,
  steps: true,
  coordinates: <List<double>>[
      37.786060, // latitude
      -122.246225, // longitude
      37.785939, // latitude
      -122.194292, // longitude

if (response.error == null) {
  // response.routes ...
  // response.waypoints ...

see basic example: example/example.dart
see full example with flutter_gl: example/example_directions_flutter.dart

Request forward geocoding services

final response = await mapbox.forwardGeocoding.request(
  searchText: 'tour eiffel',
  fuzzyMatch: true,
  language: 'fr',
  proximity: <double>[
    48.858638, // latitude
    2.286020, // longitude

if (response.error == null) {
  // response.features ...

see full example : example/example_forward_search.dart

Supported API


Service Implemented
Vector Tiles :heavy_multiplication_x:
Taster Tiles :heavy_multiplication_x:
Static Images :heavy_multiplication_x:
Static Tiles :heavy_multiplication_x:
Styles :heavy_multiplication_x:
Tilequery :heavy_multiplication_x:
Uploads :heavy_multiplication_x:
Mapbox Tiling Service :heavy_multiplication_x:
Datasets :heavy_multiplication_x:
Fonts :heavy_multiplication_x:
Service Implemented Example
Directions :white_check_mark: example/example.dart
Isochrone :white_check_mark:
Map Matching :white_check_mark:
Matrix :white_check_mark:
Optimization :white_check_mark:
Service Implemented Batch Example
Forward Geocoding :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: example/example_forward_search.dart
Reverse Geocoding :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: example/example_reverse_search.dart
Intersection :white_check_mark: :heavy_multiplication_x: example/example_intersection_search.dart


Service Implemented
Tokens :heavy_multiplication_x:

This SDK will work perfectly with flutter-mapbox-gl to display retrieved data (will work with any other package too). You may also need polyline package to convert polylines strings to coordinates.