mailer is an easy to use library for composing and sending emails in Dart.

Mailer supports file attachments and HTML emails.

FLUTTER developers

Please do NOT use mailer together with your credentials. Extracting them is very easy and anybody could then send mails using your account. If you use your gmail credentials it's even worse as an attacker could read your mails as well.

Johannes Milke has created an excellent tutorial on how to use mailer without needing to embed your credentials in the flutter app.

Flutter Tutorial - How To Send Email In Background [2021] Without Backend

Server developers

Suragch has written an excellent tutorial on How to send yourself email notifications from a Dart server

Thanks to Suragch for bringing those tutorials to my attention.
If you have created a tutorial yourself (or know of one) please open an issue, so that I can add it to this "list".

Note that those tutorial don't need to be in English!

SMTP definitions

Mailer provides configurations for a few common SMTP servers.

Please create merge requests for missing configurations.

  • Copy lib/smtp_server/gmail.dart to lib/smtp_server/xxx.dart
  • Adapt the code. (See lib/smtp_server.dart for possible arguments)
  • Export the newly created SMTP server in lib/smtp_server.dart
  • Create a pull request.

In a lot of cases you will find a configuration in legacy.dart


  • Plaintext and HTML emails
  • Unicode support
  • Attachments
  • Secure (filters and sanitizes all fields context-wise)
  • Use any SMTP server like Gmail, Live, SendGrid, Amazon SES
  • SSL/TLS support
  • Pre-configured services (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.). Just fill in your username and password.


  • Correct encoding of non ASCII mail addresses.
  • Reintegrate address validation from version 1.*
  • Improve Header types. (see ir_header.dart)
    We should choose the correct header based on the header name.
    Known headers (list-unsubscribe,...) should have their own subclass.
  • Improve documentation.


Sending an email with SMTP

See gmail example.

We also have an example which uses gmail oauth.

import 'package:mailer/mailer.dart';
import 'package:mailer/smtp_server.dart';

main() async {
  // Note that using a username and password for gmail only works if
  // you have two-factor authentication enabled and created an App password.
  // Search for "gmail app password 2fa"
  // The alternative is to use oauth.
  String username = '';
  String password = 'password';

  final smtpServer = gmail(username, password);
  // Use the SmtpServer class to configure an SMTP server:
  // final smtpServer = SmtpServer('');
  // See the named arguments of SmtpServer for further configuration
  // options.  

  // Create our message.
  final message = Message()
    ..from = Address(username, 'Your name')
    ..ccRecipients.addAll(['', ''])
    ..subject = 'Test Dart Mailer library :: 😀 :: ${}'
    ..text = 'This is the plain text.\nThis is line 2 of the text part.'
    ..html = "<h1>Test</h1>\n<p>Hey! Here's some HTML content</p>";

  try {
    final sendReport = await send(message, smtpServer);
    print('Message sent: ' + sendReport.toString());
  } on MailerException catch (e) {
    print('Message not sent.');
    for (var p in e.problems) {
      print('Problem: ${p.code}: ${p.msg}');
  // DONE

  // Let's send another message using a slightly different syntax:
  // Addresses without a name part can be set directly.
  // For instance `..recipients.add('')`
  // If you want to display a name part you have to create an
  // Address object: `new Address('', 'Display name part')`
  // Creating and adding an Address object without a name part
  // `new Address('')` is equivalent to
  // adding the mail address as `String`.
  final equivalentMessage = Message()
    ..from = Address(username, 'Your name 😀')
    ..ccRecipients.addAll([Address(''), ''])
    ..subject = 'Test Dart Mailer library :: 😀 :: ${}'
    ..text = 'This is the plain text.\nThis is line 2 of the text part.'
    ..html = '<h1>Test</h1>\n<p>Hey! Here is some HTML content</p><img src="cid:myimg@3.141"/>'
    ..attachments = [
        ..location = Location.inline
        ..cid = '<myimg@3.141>'

  final sendReport2 = await send(equivalentMessage, smtpServer);

  // Sending multiple messages with the same connection
  // Create a smtp client that will persist the connection
  var connection = PersistentConnection(smtpServer);

  // Send the first message
  await connection.send(message);

  // send the equivalent message
  await connection.send(equivalentMessage);

  // close the connection
  await connection.close();


This library is licensed under MIT.