MagicContainer is extremmely useful for those who want to excel in the UI without messing much around code. A single container will help you to get multiple featured all at one place.


This release contains three types of containers. -Normal Container (doMagic=false,doGradient=false) alt text

-Gradient Container (doMagic=false,doGradient=true) alt text

-Color Changing Container (doMagic=true,doGradient=false) alt text

More relases around 3d container, blurry & glossy containers are coming soon.

Getting started

Step 1: Install the package using

flutter pub add magiccontainer


There are two flags as of Now. 1.doMagic- keep it as true if you want the container colour to change at given frequency of time(milliseconds)

colors: [Colors.amber, Colors.white,],
doMagic: true,
milliseconds: 5,

2.doGradient- keep it as true if you want the container to take a linear gradient and it will not change.

colors: [Colors.amber, Colors.white,],
doGradient: true,

Additional information

More features & types of containers is in development which will be released in next versions. few such examples are : -blurry Containers -Glassy Containers

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