Lyrebird - Localization tool for Dart and Flutter

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A visual editor for Application Resource Bundle (.arb) localization files, enabling rapid development. It is specifically designed to be used for Dart and Flutter projects using the intl package.

The editor runs locally on your machine, meaning you can use familiar versioning tools like Git and do not have to upload or download localization files.

Warning: This project is very early in development, use with extreme caution! Make sure you have all important changes committed before trying it out.

Lyrebird editor screenshot




  • Add and remove localization keys
  • Edit a localization keys' metadata
  • Add, edit, and remove placeholder variables
  • Edit the ICU value of a localization entry using a visual editor
    • Text blocks
    • Arguments
    • Select with branches
    • Plural with branches
      • Plural arguments


  • Proper error handling
  • A "try it out" section to test your localizations
  • Creating new files
  • Dark theme
  • Support for XML tags
  • Collapsable nodes
  • Textual ICU editor
  • A subscription service for automated machine translations (e.g. using DeepL)


To install the Lyrebird launcher, run the command:

dart pub global activate lyrebird

Or, if you are using the Flutter CLI, run:

flutter pub global activate lyrebird

Optionally, you can add Lyrebird to your PATH variable. Consult the Dart documentation for more information.


Lyrebird uses the l10n.yaml configuration file defined by the Flutter team and obeyed by the flutter gen-l10n command as its project file. More specifically, the arb-dir field will be opened by Lyrebird for editing.

arb-dir: lib/l10n
template-arb-file: app_en.arb
output-localization-file: app_localizations.dart

If you are working on a pure-Dart project, don't worry! You can also create an l10n.yaml file without using Flutter.


Navigate to the directory containing the l10n.yaml file in your terminal. If you added Lyrebird to your PATH in the previous step, simply run


Otherwise, with the Dart CLI, run:

dart pub global run lyrebird

Or, using the Flutter CLI, run:

flutter pub global run lyrebird

Open the URL printed to the standard output in your browser. Use Ctrl+S (or Cmd+S on a Mac) to save your changes.

For more options, see

lyrebird --help