Generator utilities used by darwin and dogs.


  • AliasedImport
    Utilities for working with aliased imports and file augmentations which don't use partial files.
  • AliasCounter
    Incremental import alias generator to avoid conflicting type names.
  • CachedAliasCounter
    Cached version of the alias counter also capable of generating an alias source representation of constantly evaluable dart objects like annotations.
  • TypeTokens
    Utility for deriving other common types from origin types, like getting the list type.
  • ItemType Introspection
    Generator utility for retrieving the item type of any given DartType.
  • Retained Annotations
    Utility for retaining and exposing annotations to runtime code via annotation containers.
  • Subject Adapters & Reactor
    Adapters for creating reactor based builders.


Generator utilities used by darwin and dogs.