A simple audio player plugin for flutter.

platform status audio renderer
Windows SDL2
Linux SDL2
macOS CoreAudio
  • audio/video demux by ffmpeg.

Getting Started

How to Build Project?


  • flutter version: 3.0
  • if build for linux, we need these libs:
    1. install ffmpeg dev libs:
      sudo apt install libavcodec-dev libavformat-dev libavdevice-dev
    2. install sdl2:
      sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev

Build for Flutter

  • flutter pub get.

  • if build for macOS/iOS

    1. go to example/macos or example/ios run pod install to install ffmpeg-kit
    2. go to ffplayer, run ./ macos or ./ ios
  • flutter run -d your_device

Dev Tips

how to debug c/c++ code if we build for flutter ?


  1. run windows app.

    flutter run -d windows
  2. open example/build/windows/lychee_player_example.sln by visual studio 2019

  3. mark lychee_player_example as run program. (which ALL_BUILD is default selected, but we can not run it).

  4. click run with local debug. then waiting for crash.

  1. add remote gdb debug configuration. target remote args set
  2. run the application which flutter build with debug.

    gdbserver :1234 build/linux/debug/bundle/lychee_player_example