network static method

LottieBuilder network(
  1. String url,
  2. {Client? client,
  3. Map<String, String>? headers,
  4. Animation<double>? controller,
  5. FrameRate? frameRate,
  6. bool? animate,
  7. bool? repeat,
  8. bool? reverse,
  9. LottieDelegates? delegates,
  10. LottieOptions? options,
  11. LottieImageProviderFactory? imageProviderFactory,
  12. void onLoaded(
    1. LottieComposition
  13. Key? key,
  14. LottieFrameBuilder? frameBuilder,
  15. ImageErrorWidgetBuilder? errorBuilder,
  16. double? width,
  17. double? height,
  18. BoxFit? fit,
  19. AlignmentGeometry? alignment,
  20. bool? addRepaintBoundary,
  21. FilterQuality? filterQuality,
  22. WarningCallback? onWarning,
  23. LottieDecoder? decoder,
  24. RenderCache? renderCache,
  25. bool? backgroundLoading}

Creates a widget that displays an LottieComposition obtained from the network.


static LottieBuilder network(
  String url, {
  http.Client? client,
  Map<String, String>? headers,
  Animation<double>? controller,
  FrameRate? frameRate,
  bool? animate,
  bool? repeat,
  bool? reverse,
  LottieDelegates? delegates,
  LottieOptions? options,
  LottieImageProviderFactory? imageProviderFactory,
  void Function(LottieComposition)? onLoaded,
  Key? key,
  LottieFrameBuilder? frameBuilder,
  ImageErrorWidgetBuilder? errorBuilder,
  double? width,
  double? height,
  BoxFit? fit,
  AlignmentGeometry? alignment,
  bool? addRepaintBoundary,
  FilterQuality? filterQuality,
  WarningCallback? onWarning,
  LottieDecoder? decoder,
  RenderCache? renderCache,
  bool? backgroundLoading,
}) =>
      client: client,
      headers: headers,
      controller: controller,
      frameRate: frameRate,
      animate: animate,
      repeat: repeat,
      reverse: reverse,
      delegates: delegates,
      options: options,
      imageProviderFactory: imageProviderFactory,
      onLoaded: onLoaded,
      key: key,
      frameBuilder: frameBuilder,
      errorBuilder: errorBuilder,
      width: width,
      height: height,
      fit: fit,
      alignment: alignment,
      addRepaintBoundary: addRepaintBoundary,
      filterQuality: filterQuality,
      onWarning: onWarning,
      decoder: decoder,
      renderCache: renderCache,
      backgroundLoading: backgroundLoading,