A package for easy management of showing and hiding notifications once closed!


We wanted to be able to easily manage showing and hiding notifications on the client side only.

For example, suppose the following notification is displayed in the application.

As a functional requirement, the notification should not be displayed once the user closes it, either forever or for 7 days.

Also, the WebAPI does not return whether the notification should be shown or not.

In such a case, long_time_no_notification is useful.


// not Display forever once closed
LongTimeNoNotification.setForever(id: 'id_1');

// not show up until 7 days have passed
LongTimeNoNotification.setDuration(id: 'id_2', duration: const Duration(days: 7);

// not show up until May 30, 2022
LongTimeNoNotification.setNext(id: 'id_2', nextDisplayAt: DateTime(2022, 5, 30);

// find data by id
final notification = await LongTimeNoNotification.findBy('id_3');

// should it be displayed or not

// datetime to be displayed next

// datetime last displayed


  • Do not duplicate IDs.
  • IDs for notifications are stored in SharedPreferences, so please do not pass secure strings as IDs.