Lokdon Encryption and Decryption Package

Dart plugin for Lokdon SDK

Check this Demo Project or this Video Demo to gain more clarity

Getting Started

In the pubspec.yaml of your flutter or dart project, add the following dependency:

  lokdon_sdk: ^1.0.4


flutter pub get

Import it:

import 'package:lokdon_sdk/lokdon_sdk.dart';


Encrypt on a String input

To Encrypt a string, use the encryptData function

import 'package:lokdon_sdk/lokdon_sdk.dart';

void main() {
  String data = "sample text";
  var cipher = encryptData(data);
  print("Cipher for data ${cipher}");

Decrypt on a cipher input

To decrypt a cipher encrypted using the Lokdon Algorithm, use the decryptData function

import 'package:lokdon_sdk/lokdon_sdk.dart';

void main() {
  String cipher = "Î}¯z*£^ġ:-ß";
  var data = encryptData(cipher);
  print("Data from cipher ${data}");

Encrypt and Decrypt Files

To Encrypt files, use the encryptFile function

  File file = File("lok.txt");
  if (!file.existsSync()){


  File encryptedFile = encryptFile(file, " .", file.path);

  print("encrypted File ${encryptedFile.path} ${encryptedFile.readAsStringSync()}");

  //encrypted File lok.txt.lokdon ABEVA@DKR

To Decrypt an encrypte file, use the decryptFile function

  File decryptedFile = decryptFile(encryptedFile, " .", file.path);

  print("decrypted File ${decryptedFile.path} ${decryptedFile.readAsStringSync()}");

  // decrypted File lok.txtLOKDONDECRYPTED. alexander