LogX: Simple and concise logs for Flutter

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LogX adds extends method log from dart:developer package to add useful features, namely mixins and static methods.



You can use LogMixin to easily include log methods into any class. With mixin name of the context is automatically set to runtime type of current class.

class A with LogMixin {
    void hello() {
        log.d('Hello world!');
        log('This instance is callable!');

You can either use methods: log.d('Hello') or call the class instance: log('Hello'). Both results to equal output.

Static methods

If you cannot use LogMixin (for example in top-level functions) you can use static methods from Log class. Remeber that you need to provide name by yourself, otherwise default name is used.

void main() {
    Log.d('Hello', name: 'Main');

Important: Do not import dart:developer together with this package. They both use log keyword and it might conflict.