Logster for Dart/Flutter

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An extensible logger for applications, packages and plugins.


Logging and Debugging Tools

Getting started

To add the package, logster, in a project:

  1. Depend on it

    • Add logster under dependencies in the pubspec.yaml file

        logster: any
    • Or run this command

      dart pub add logster
  2. Install it

    • From the terminal: Run

      dart pub get
  3. Import it

    • Add a corresponding import statement in the source code

      import 'package:logster/logster.dart';


To use the package, add the .logs extension to any variable, and it will print a log to the console along with its runtime type.

var a = 10;
a.logs; // [int] 10
var b = 2.0;
b.logs; // [double] 2.0
var c = 'x';
c.logs; // [String] x
var d = true;
d.logs; // [bool] true
var e = [a, b];
e.logs; // [List<num>] [10, 2.0]
var f = {c, d};
f.logs; // [CompactImmutableLinkedHashSet<Object>] {x, true}
var g = {a: b, c: d};
g.logs; // [InternalImmutableLinkedHashMap<Object, Object>] {10: 2.0, x: true}


An extensible logger for applications, packages and plugins