A simple logging tool that uses color coding to indicate severity and offers a clickable link to the printing line.


  • Clickable links to the source of the log entry.
  • Logging with several severity levels through the logging package.
  • ANSI color coding for each severity level.
  • Ability to remove Flutter print clutter (I/flutter (pid): ).
  • Automatically adjusts severity level threshold:
    • In debug mode everything is printed.
    • In profile mode, everything from warnings and above is printed.
    • In release mode, nothing is printed.
    • This behavior can be overridden by manually setting the level.
  • Partially customizable format. You can enable and disable the timestamp, icon and link to suit your needs.


Add the library to your pubspec.yaml and run flutter pub get to get the library:

  logly: ^0.3.1+readme3


The only thing that needs to be done to use it, is to import the library (import 'package:logly/logly.dart';) and call the log function:

// By default the level `LogLevel.INFO` is used. To use that, just call
// `log` on its own.
log("This is a log entry.");

// All levels may also be called explicitly using their respective
// functions:
log.shout("This is a shout, the highest possible severity level.");
log.warning("This is a warning.");
log.severe("This is a severe log entry.");
log.fine("This is a fine-level log entry.");
log.finer("This is a finer-level log entry.");
log.finest("This is a finest-level log entry.");
log.config("This is a config log entry.");
log.info("This is the common info-level log entry.");

The output from that would look like:

Output Example

The link can be clicked to be taken to the source of the log entry.

Imitate print

If you just want to use Logly for regular printing, but want to clear Flutter's printing clutter, you can set log.imitatePrint to true.

If you still want the link to the source to be visible, you can then set log.addLink to true as well.

Known Issues

  • Android Studio does not support ANSI output in the Flutter run console.
    • A workaround is to use flutter logs from a terminal within Android Studio instead. log.clear() may be called to clear that terminal as necessary.
    • It is also possible to disable ANSI output by setting log.useAnsi to false. This will however disable many main logly features such as colors and console and clutter clearing.