A flutter plugin that help you export logcat on Android or stdout and stderr on iOS to a log file, so whenever your tester create a bug, they can attach this file to the ticket.


On Android, can export the file any time, on iOS, the log file can be exported only when there's not any debugger attached (if you disconnect debugger, you need to relaunch the app before this function work)


init the plugin

     void main() {
        const isStagingEnvironment = true;
        if(isStagingEnvironment) {
        runApp(const MyApp());

export the log file

    try {
      final logFileExportedPath =
          await LogExport.getLogFileExportedPath() ?? '';
      if(logFileExportedPath.isNotEmpty == true) {
        Share.shareFiles([logFileExportedPath], text: 'Log file');
    } catch (e,s) {
      print("exportLog error $e $s");