📳 Lofelt

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🔗 Official Lofelt website

🔗 Lofelt SDK Repository

Unlock the Power of Haptics in Mobile Devices on Flutter

Lofelt builds state-of-the-art haptic technologies for iOS and Android developers and creatives.

⚠️ Disclaimer

🖥 This package is NOT developed by Lofelt.

🍏 The haptics works only for iOS for the moment

⛏ Getting started

🎙 Haptic files

You can download a free to use libary of .haptic files from Lofelt's website.

To create your own custom .haptic file from sound, download Lofelt Studio and see Lofelt Studio documentation

💼 Add .haptic files in your pubspec.yaml


    - assets/haptics/

⚡️ Init Lofelt in a Widget

 await Lofelt.init();

➕️ Load a .haptic file in Lofelt

  await Lofelt.load('assets/haptics/test.haptic');

▶️ Play the file !

  await Lofelt.play();

⏹ Stop

  await Lofelt.stop();

To see Lofelt integration with sound, see example

🗺 RoadMap

Feature Status
Play .haptic on iOS 🍏
Play .haptic on Android 🤖