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LocalePlus allows easy access to native device locale data in Flutter apps. Includes language, country code, time zone, and number formatting preferences.

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LocalePlus is a Flutter package that allows developers to easily retrieve data from the native device locale settings. With LocalePlus, developers can access information such as the device's language, country code, and time zone, as well as the device's number formatting preferences such as grouping and decimal separator. This makes it easy to build internationalized apps that provide a personalized experience for each user. Whether you're building a financial app that needs to display numbers in the user's local format or a social media app that needs to display timestamps in the user's time zone, LocalePlus has you covered. With a simple and intuitive API, LocalePlus is the perfect tool for any Flutter developer looking to add localization to their app.


  • Dart sdk: ">=2.16.2 <3.0.0"
  • Flutter: ">=2.5.0"
  • Android: minSdkVersion 16
  • iOS 9.0+


with Flutter:

$ flutter pub add locale_plus

This will add a line like this to your package's pubspec.yaml (and run an implicit flutter pub get):

  locale_plus: ^1.4.0


Patch the locales with the users' group and decimal seperators

This function patches all locales in flutter, so that you can use the decimal seperator and group seperator from numberFormatSymbols after the patch is complete. The patchNumberSeperators function patches the locales on android and ios. The shouldPatchForSamsungKeyboard can be enabled, to patch for Samsung keyboards on android phones (they only allow for a . as input). It is safe to call on MacOS, Windows, Linux and web, but it does not patch the locales.

import 'package:locale_plus/locale_plus.dart';

Future<void> main() async {
  await PatchAllLocales.patchNumberSeperators(
    shouldPatchForSamsungKeyboard: true,
  runApp(const MyApp());

Get if the user is using a samsung keyboard

final decimalSeparator = await LocalePlus().isUsingSamsungKeyboard();

Get Decimal & Grouping Separator

final decimalSeparator = await LocalePlus().getDecimalSeparator();
final groupingSeparator = await LocalePlus().getGroupingSeparator();

Get Language & Region Code

final regionCode = await LocalePlus().getRegionCode();
final languageCode = await LocalePlus().getLanguageCode();

Get Seconds from GMT

final secondsFromGMT = await LocalePlus().getSecondsFromGMT();

Is Device Using 24 hour time and Current Locale AM PM Symbols

final is24HourTime = await LocalePlus().is24HourTime();
final amSymbol = await LocalePlus().getAmSymbol();
final pmSymbol = await LocalePlus().getPmSymbol();

Is Device Using Metric System

final usesMetricSystem = await LocalePlus().usesMetricSystem();

Get TimeZone Identifier

final timeZoneIdentifier = await LocalePlus().getTimeZoneIdentifier();

Get First Day Of Week

final firstDayOfWeek = await LocalePlus().getFirstDayOfWeek();


Gökberk Bardakçı, Uygar İşiçelik


Bent Engbers


LocalePlus is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.