flutter locale gen

Dart tool that will convert your default locale json to dart code.

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Add dependency to pubspec

pub package

  locale_gen: <latest-version>

Add config to pubspec

Add your locale folder to the assets to make use all your translations are loaded.

    - assets/locale/

Add the local_gen config to generate your dart code from json files

  default_language: 'nl'
  languages: ['en', 'nl']
  locale_assets_path: 'assets/locale/' #This is the location where your json files should be saved.
  assets_path: 'assets/locale/' #This is the location where your json files are located in your flutter app.
  output_path: 'lib/util/locale/' #This is the location where your localization files will be created in your flutter app.
  doc_languages: ['en'] #Only generate docs for the given languages. Defaults to all languages. An empty list will skip doc generation

Run package with Flutter

flutter packages pub run locale_gen

Run package with Dart

pub run locale_gen


Arguments are supported as of 0.1.0

You can pass a String or a num to as an argument.

Formatting for String: %1$s Formatting for num: %1$d

The number in between % and $ indicate the index of the argument. It is possible to place an argument in 1 language first but in another second:

ex (Grammatically incorrect but it makes my point):

nl '%1$s, ik woon in %2$s. Wist je dat niet?' => KOEN, ik woon in ANTWERPEN. Wist je dat niet?

fr 'I live in %2$s. You didn't knew that %1$s?" => I live in ANTWERP. You didn't knew that KOEN?

Working on mac?

add this to you .bash_profile

 flutter packages get && flutter packages pub run locale_gen

now you can use the locale_gen with a single command.



This repo contains an example how to use this package.

Packages used:

  • flutter_localizations
  • shared_preferences
  • provider
  • kiwi

Other packges based on locale_gen

  • icapps_translations