Loading Transition button

A Customizable transition button for Flutter

Getting Started

To use this package, add loading_transition_button as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

 loading_transition_button: ^0.0.1

How to use

In your project add the following import:

import  'package:loading_transition_button/loading_transition_button.dart';

In order to use this widget you have to use a LoadingButtonController to handler the different states.

final _controller = LoadingButtonController();

This widget starts a loading animation once it's tapped or by using the controller. You can the launcher to init an error animation or stop the loading animation.

    color: Colors.blue,
    onSubmit: () => print('onSubmit'),
    controller: _controller,
    errorColor: Colors.red,
    transitionDuration: Duration(seconds: 1),
    child: Text(
    'Hit me!',
    style: Theme.of(context)
        .copyWith(color: Colors.white),

To support the transition to a different page to have to call the moveToScreen method

    context: context,
    page: SearchPage(),
    stopAnimation: true,
    navigationCallback: (route) =>

navigationCallback will send you a new route that you can use for different navigation method like push or replace.