LNBits Flutter Package

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A Flutter package for interacting with the LNBits API. This package provides convenient methods to create, pay, check, and decode invoices, as well as getting wallet details.

Getting Started

In your pubspec.yaml file add:

  lnbits: 1.0.0

Then run flutter pub get.


First, import the package:

import 'package:lnbits/lnbits.dart';

Create an instance of LNBitsAPI:

final api = LNBitsAPI(
  url: 'https://your-lnbits-instance.com',
  adminKey: 'your-admin-key',
  invoiceKey: 'your-invoice-key',

Now, you can use the various methods provided:

// Get Wallet Details
final walletDetails = await api.getWalletDetails();

// Create an Invoice
// Required parameters:
// - amount: The amount of the invoice (in satoshis)
// Optional parameters:
// - memo: A memo to attach to the invoice
// - webhook: A webhook url to get response once paid
// - expiry: Enter the expiry of the invoice in seconds
final invoice = await api.createInvoice(amount: 1000, memo: 'Test');

// Pay an Invoice
// Required parameters:
// - bolt11: The invoice string in BOLT11 format
final paymentHash = await api.payInvoice(bolt11: 'invoice');

// Check an Invoice
// Required parameters:
// - paymentHash: The payment hash of the invoice to check
final isPaid = await api.checkInvoice(paymentHash: 'payment_hash');

// Decode an Invoice
// Required parameters:
// - invoice: The invoice string in BOLT11 format
final decodedInvoice = await api.decodeInvoice(invoice: 'invoice');

Issues and Feedback

For any issues with the package or to provide feedback, please open an issue on GitHub.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

Future Developments

  • Plugins