This package is used to convert amount of currency from one currency exchange to another.

You will get live currency Exchange rates.


  • Get Live Currency Exchange Rates
  • Exchange currency ammount from one to another.
  • Used to convert In-App-Purchase currency to Defualt currency for Admin Dashboard.

Getting started

Just copy this library to your file

import 'package:live_currency_rate/live_currency_rate.dart';

and then Run the following code


 CurrencyRate rate = await LiveCurrencyRate.convertCurrency("USD", "AED", 500);

Additional information

We use https so that it may take some while. Try using the Async function to get rates

Avalable for

  • iOS : ✅
  • Android : ✅
  • Web : 🚫

Working on it.. it doesnt convert because we have not Define CORS in the server side yet. Please wait for further updates.

You can use all the currency Codes such as :

  • AED

  • PKR

  • INR

  • USD

  • And many others