linting is a framework for creating custom linter.


Dart has a linter, but it is currently not able to create custom rules.

There are several ways to create custom rules, but each has its own disadvantages.

  • Create your own linter command
    • Easy to implement.
    • Cannot check errors in the IDE.
  • Use the analyzer_plugin
    • Errors can be displayed in the IDE.
    • Difficult to implement and debug.
    • To check errors in CI (ex, Github Action), need to create a command.

linting is a framework for solving these problems.

Get Started

The complete code can be found at example


  • auto-fix command for CLI
  • auto-fix command for analyzer_plugin
  • linting create .
  • documents


  • create and push release branch. (ex, release/1.2.0)
  • Update
  • Update pubspec.yaml
  • Create tag
  • Create release
  • run dart pub publish
  • merge release branch.