LinkFive Provider Plugin

It wraps linkfive_purchases in an easy to use provider.

Please read our Blogpost Subscriptions in Flutter - The Complete Implementation Guide

or LinkFive Provider Example Documentation

Register the Provider

Register the Provider with our API key and you're all set to use it.

  providers: [
    // ...
      create: (context) => LinkFiveProvider("API_KEY"),
      lazy: false,

Load Products

Whenever you want to offer your product, call fetchProducts() to load the latest products.

Use the products in your UI:

Consumer<LinkFiveProvider>(builder: (_, linkFiveProvider, __) {
  // linkFiveProvider.products if you want to show your subscription offer
  // linkFiveProvider.activeProducts if a user purchased a subscription

or access in a button tap or in a stateful widget

LinkFiveProvider linkFiveProvider = Provider.of<LinkFiveProvider>(context, listen: false);

That‘s it. Simple enough?


The Library is made by LinkFive - Flutter Subscription Management