newOption function Null safety

Option newOption(
  1. String name,
  2. String? abbr,
  3. String? help,
  4. String? valueHelp,
  5. Iterable<String>? allowed,
  6. Map<String, String>? allowedHelp,
  7. dynamic defaultsTo,
  8. Function? callback,
  9. OptionType type,
  10. {bool? negatable,
  11. bool? splitCommas,
  12. bool mandatory = false,
  13. bool hide = false,
  14. List<String> aliases = const []}

Creates a new Option.

Since Option doesn't have a public constructor, this lets ArgParser get to it. This function isn't exported to the public API of the package.


Option newOption(
    String name,
    String? abbr,
    String? help,
    String? valueHelp,
    Iterable<String>? allowed,
    Map<String, String>? allowedHelp,
    Function? callback,
    OptionType type,
    {bool? negatable,
    bool? splitCommas,
    bool mandatory = false,
    bool hide = false,
    List<String> aliases = const []}) {
  return Option._(name, abbr, help, valueHelp, allowed, allowedHelp, defaultsTo,
      callback, type,
      negatable: negatable,
      splitCommas: splitCommas,
      mandatory: mandatory,
      hide: hide,
      aliases: aliases);