LikeMinds Feed is a plug and play package for creating feed in your flutter app using your LikeMinds account. Provides all functionality for the data layer that can be used with any UI.


Get a feed setup in your app in minutes

  • Feed functionality
  • Posting functionality
  • Comment functionality
  • Feedroom functionality

Getting started

The starting point is the LikeMinds website. Create your account and get and API key, then initialize the package and get your feed ready in less than 15 minutes.

Then add the package as dependency in pubspec.yaml

likeminds_feed: 1.7.1

or you can run this command in the terminal

flutter pub add likeminds_feed


After adding the import, get an object of the SdkApplication that exposes public methods

LMFeedClient _feedClient_ = (LMFeedClientBuilder()