XML Parser

A simple lightweight XML parser written in dart.

Inspired from : https://github.com/jonahisadev/littlexml


1. Reading / Parsing XML

XMLDocument doc = XMLDocument.fromString(sampleXMLString);
// or
XMLDocument doc = XMLDocument.readFromFile(path/to/xmlfile.xml);

2. Querying

The XML is parsed into an XMLDocument object. This has the following attributes :-

  • root (root node) (XMLNode)
  • encoding (String)
  • version (String)

All tags are treated as nodes in the XML tree. Each node has the following attributes :-

  • tag (tag name) (String)
  • parent (XMLNode)
  • text (String)
  • attributes (Map<String, String>)
  • children (List
doc.root.children[0].tag // prints the tag name of the first tag in the XML
doc.root.children[0].text // prints the inner text in the first tag in the XML