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NOTE: This library is currently a WIP and therefore unstable, and should not be used for any production environments.

A dart implementation of the LIFX HTTP API. This package also provides classes for LIFX devices and device properties.

LIFX HTTP API Implementation Checklist

  • x (GET) List Lights
  • x (PUT) Set State
  • (PUT) Set States
  • (POST) Set Delta
  • (POST) Toggle Power
  • (POST) Breathe Effect
  • (POST) Move Effect
  • (POST) Morph Effect
  • (POST) Flame Effect
  • (POST) Pulse Effect
  • (POST) Effects Off
  • (POST) Cycle
  • (GET) List Scenes
  • (PUT) Activate Scene
  • (GET) Validate Color
  • (POST) Clean

LIFX Device Support

  • x Bulb
  • Multizone
  • Tile


This library also ships with a command line REPL to use the library. To use it:

  • Copy the .env example: cp .env.example .env
  • Add your LIFX Developer API key to the .env file
  • Run dart run bin/cli.dart
  • Run help in the REPL to get a list of available commands.


This library provides a client to interface with the LIFX HTTP API as well as some classes for LIFX devices, device properties, and API responses.