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A Future-based library to interact with the Li.Fi API.

This package is a wrapper around the Li.Fi API, allowing easy swapping of tokens between blockchain networks with Dart. It is multi-platform, with limited dependencies for use in mobile, desktop, or browser apps.

This community package is designed to follow the Li.Fi API Documentation as closely as possible.


The easiest way to use this library is via the top-level Lifi class.

import 'package:lifi_api_dart/lifi_api_dart.dart';

void main() async {
  /// Set up the config
  Config config = Config(
    environment: Constants.production, // mainnets
    // environment: Constants.staging, // testnets
    apiVersion: Constants.v1,

  /// Initialize the main object
  Lifi lifi = Lifi(config);

  /// Prepare options for the quote
  GetQuoteParams getQuoteParams = GetQuoteParams(
    fromChain: 'ETH',
    toChain: 'POL',
    fromToken: 'USDC',
    toToken: 'ETH',
    fromAddress: '0x_sender_address',
    fromAmount: '100000000',

  /// Get a quote
  /// The response contains a Transaction that can be signed and sent
  /// to the network using a wallet provider. eg. Ethers
  var response = await lifi.getQuote(getQuoteParams);

  /// Close the connection

Testing your integration

Testnet support is limited and not reflective of the production environment. If possible, try to use LI.FI on a mainnet with low gas fees instead.

Switch between staging (testnet) and production by changing the environment value in the config.

  /// Set up the config
  Config config = Config(
    environment: Constants.production, // mainnet
    // environment: Constants.staging, // testnets
    apiVersion: Constants.v1,

Advanced endpoints

Although advanced endpoints such as getPossibilities, getRoutes, and getStepTransaction are not recommended to be used directly, they are included in this library for completeness.

Getting Help

Submit an issue on github.

How to contribute

All feedback and suggestions for improvements are welcome:

  1. Open a discussion on github
  2. Discuss proposed changes
  3. Submit a PR (optional)

Support my work

This package is possible thanks to the people and companies who donate money, services or time to keep the project running.

If you're interested in becoming a Sponsor, Backer or Contributor to expand the project, reach out to me on github.

Or buy my coffee at 0xdir.near.


A Future-based wrapper around the Li.Fi API.