Lichess for Dart

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This is a library for interacting with Lichess API. It works on all platforms and exposes a collection of data classes and a extendable client interface.

Notice: This is not an official Lichess project. It is maintained by volunteers.


  lichess_client_dio: ^<latest-version>


import 'package:lichess_client_dio/lichess_client_dio.dart';


The usage is pretty straightforward:

final lichess = LichessClientDio.create();
final user = await lichess.users.getPublicData(username: 'alexrintt');

// If you wanna make authenticated requests:
final lichess = LichessClientDio.create(accessToken: '<your-access-token>');
final email = await lichess.account.getEmailAddress();

Services that are currently available (complete or partially complete):

  • x Account.
  • x Users.
  • x Relations.
  • x Games.
  • x TV.
  • x Puzzles.
  • x Teams.
  • x Board.
  • Bot.
  • Challenges.
  • Bulk pairings.
  • Arena tournaments.
  • Swiss tournaments.
  • Simuls.
  • Studies.
  • Messaging.
  • Broadcasts.
  • Analysis.
  • External engine.
  • Opening Explorer.
  • Tablebase.
  • OAuth.

All services are accessible by lichess.<service-name>.<endpoint-name>(...).

Custom Dio instance

By default, this package uses fresh Dio instance for handling HTTP requests, if you want to provide a custom instance, use dio argument:

final myDioInstance = Dio();
final lichess = LichessClientDio.create(dio: myDioInstance);

Retrieve access token

TL;DR: This package doesn't handle authentication for Lichess.

That said, to get an access token for your platform and for your use-case refer to the Lichess authentication section.