libusb_pollfd_added_cb typedef

libusb_pollfd_added_cb = Pointer<NativeFunction<Void Function(Int, Short, Pointer<Void>)>>

\ingroup libusb_poll Callback function, invoked when a new file descriptor should be added to the set of file descriptors monitored for events. \param fd the new file descriptor \param events events to monitor for, see \ref libusb_pollfd for a description \param user_data User data pointer specified in libusb_set_pollfd_notifiers() call \see libusb_set_pollfd_notifiers()


typedef libusb_pollfd_added_cb = ffi.Pointer<ffi.NativeFunction<ffi.Void Function(ffi.Int, ffi.Short, ffi.Pointer<ffi.Void>)>>;