libusb_endpoint_descriptor class

\ingroup libusb_desc A structure representing the standard USB endpoint descriptor. This descriptor is documented in section 9.6.6 of the USB 3.0 specification. All multiple-byte fields are represented in host-endian format.



bDescriptorType int
Descriptor type. Will have value \ref libusb_descriptor_type::LIBUSB_DT_ENDPOINT LIBUSB_DT_ENDPOINT in this context.
getter/setter pair
bEndpointAddress int
The address of the endpoint described by this descriptor. Bits 0:3 are the endpoint number. Bits 4:6 are reserved. Bit 7 indicates direction, see \ref libusb_endpoint_direction.
getter/setter pair
bInterval int
Interval for polling endpoint for data transfers.
getter/setter pair
bLength int
Size of this descriptor (in bytes)
getter/setter pair
bmAttributes int
Attributes which apply to the endpoint when it is configured using the bConfigurationValue. Bits 0:1 determine the transfer type and correspond to \ref libusb_transfer_type. Bits 2:3 are only used for isochronous endpoints and correspond to \ref libusb_iso_sync_type. Bits 4:5 are also only used for isochronous endpoints and correspond to \ref libusb_iso_usage_type. Bits 6:7 are reserved.
getter/setter pair
bRefresh int
For audio devices only: the rate at which synchronization feedback is provided.
getter/setter pair
bSynchAddress int
For audio devices only: the address if the synch endpoint
getter/setter pair
extra Pointer<UnsignedChar>
Extra descriptors. If libusb encounters unknown endpoint descriptors, it will store them here, should you wish to parse them.
getter/setter pair
extra_length int
Length of the extra descriptors, in bytes. Must be non-negative.
getter/setter pair
hashCode int
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runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
no setterinherited
wMaxPacketSize int
Maximum packet size this endpoint is capable of sending/receiving.
getter/setter pair


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