Crypto wallets management module for client application. Provides a standardized interface for working with wallets of various crypto networks.


  • Adding wallets in various ways
  • Obtaining information on networks and tokens
  • Wallet list management
  • Actions with the wallet (receipt of balance, transfer, staking, etc.)
  • The module does not store private keys and dervation paths
  • Supported networks: "Akash", "Axelar", "Band", "Bitsong", "Binance Smart Chain", "Bitcoin", "Cerberus", "Cheqd", "Chihuahua", "Comdex", "Cosmos Hub", "Crescent Network", "e-Money", "Ethereum", "Evmos", "", "GBridge", "ICON", "Injective", "IOST", "IRIS Network", "Juno", "Kava", "Ki Chain", "Konstellation", "Lum", "AssetMantle", "Osmosis", "Persistence", "Polkadot", "Regen", "Rizon", "Secret", "Sentinel", "Sifchain", "Stargaze", "Starname", "Tezos", "Umee"


npm i --save @citadeldao/lib-citadel

How to use

// Import default object with methods
import citadel from '@citadel/citadel-lib'

// init
await citadel.init({

// Get list of wallets with balances
const { data: wallets } = await getWalletList()

// Call the required method
const response = citadel.generateMnemonic(12)

Return value format

On success

  result: "success",
  data: "m/44'/60'/0'/0/0",
  error: null

On error

  result: "error",
  data: null,
  error: "WrongArguments: Invalid type of argument 'net'. Expected 'String', got 'Number'"


Library structure