A Flutter plugin to get the downloads folder directory on Android and iOS device. Besides, on Android device you can get the other directories too (Movies, Pictures, DCIM,...).

How to use

  • Simply import the lecle_downloads_path_provider package on pub.dev or with the syntax below under dependencies in pubspec.yaml file and run flutter command flutter pub get in terminal


    lecle_downloads_path_provider: <latest version>

  • Add <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" /> to your AndroidManifest.xml


import 'package:lecle_downloads_path_provider/lecle_downloads_path_provider.dart';

  • If you want to get the different directory path (default type is Downloads directory)
    import 'package:lecle_downloads_path_provider/constants/downloads_directory_type.dart';

  • Default use
    Directory? downloadsDirectory = await DownloadsPath.downloadsDirectory();
    String? downloadsDirectoryPath = (await DownloadsPath.downloadsDirectory())?.path;

  • With custom directory type
    var dirType = DownloadDirectoryTypes.dcim;
    Directory? downloadsDirectory = await DownloadsPath.downloadsDirectory(dirType: dirPath);
    String? downloadsDirectoryPath = (await DownloadsPath.downloadsDirectory(dirType: dirPath))?.path