ML Translate

The easy way to use ML Kit for on-device text translation in Flutter. With ML Kit's on-device Translation, you can dynamically translate text between more than 50 languages.



On-device translation is intended for casual and simple translations. The translation quality depends on the source and target languages. We recommend that you evaluate the quality of the translations for your specific use case.

Also, ML Kit's translation models are trained to translate to and from English. When you translate between non-English languages, English is used as an intermediate translation, which can affect quality.

Getting Started

Add dependency to your flutter project:

$ flutter pub add learning_translate


  learning_translate: ^0.0.3+1

Then run flutter pub get.


import 'package:learning_translate/learning_translate.dart';

Translate Text

String text = 'Baby, you light up my world like nobody else';
Translator translator = Translator(from: ENGLISH, to: INDONESIAN);
String translatedText = await translator.translate(text);



Translation Model Management

When we translate text using Translator, ML Kit automatically downloads language-specific translation models to the device. But we can explicitly manage the translation models to be available on the device by using TranslationModelManager. This can be useful if you want to prepare the models ahead of time, or delete unnecessary models from the device.

Get list of downloaded translation models.

List<String> models = await TranslationModelManager.list();

Download a translation model.


Check availability of a translation model (downloaded or not).

// exist will true if the model is already downloaded before
bool isDownloaded = await TranslationModelManager.check(KOREAN);
print('Is model downloaded: $isDownloaded');  

Delete a translation model.

await TranslationModelManager.delete(KOREAN);

Supported Languages

Here is language model variables you can use in learning_translate.

const AFRIKAANS = "af";
const ALBANIAN = "sq";
const ARABIC = "ar";
const BELARUSIAN = "be";
const BENGALI = "bn";
const BULGARIAN = "bg";
const CATALAN = "ca";
const CHINESE = "zh";
const CROATIAN = "hr";
const CZECH = "cs";
const DANISH = "da";
const DUTCH = "nl";
const ENGLISH = "en";
const ESPERANTO = "eo";
const ESTONIAN = "et";
const FINNISH = "fi";
const FRENCH = "fr";
const GALICIAN = "gl";
const GEORGIAN = "ka";
const GERMAN = "de";
const GREEK = "el";
const GUJARATI = "gu";
const HAITIAN_CREOLE = "ht";
const HEBREW = "he";
const HINDI = "hi";
const HUNGARIAN = "hu";
const ICELANDIC = "is";
const INDONESIAN = "id";
const IRISH = "ga";
const ITALIAN = "it";
const JAPANESE = "ja";
const KANNADA = "kn";
const KOREAN = "ko";
const LATVIAN = "lv";
const LITHUANIAN = "lt";
const MACEDONIAN = "mk";
const MALAY = "ms";
const MALTESE = "mt";
const MARATHI = "mr";
const NORWEGIAN = "no";
const PERSIAN = "fa";
const POLISH = "pl";
const PORTUGUESE = "pt";
const ROMANIAN = "ro";
const RUSSIAN = "ru";
const SLOVAK = "sk";
const SLOVENIAN = "sl";
const SPANISH = "es";
const SWAHILI = "sw";
const SWEDISH = "sv";
const TAGALOG = "tl";
const TAMIL = "ta";
const TELUGU = "te";
const THAI = "th";
const TURKISH = "tr";
const UKRAINIAN = "uk";
const URDU = "ur";
const VIETNAMESE = "vi";
const WELSH = "cy";

Example Project

You can learn more from example project here.