We are building a small ui_kit for us and we are happy to share with you. We hope is will be usefull. :)


  • LeanButton
  • LeanContainer
  • LeanContainerScrollable
  • LeanText
  • LeanHeading
  • LeanScaffold
  • LeanSpacedColumn
  • LeanSpacedRow
  • LeanIcon
  • LeanTextField
  • LeanProgressBar
  • LeanContainerScrollableSearchable (i like that one)


  • LeanScreen
  • LeanListScreen


We wrote our own theming idea; A little bit for practise, a little bit because i think some theming things are easier with it.

  • Use AppThemeAccess.init({required AppTheme theme}) to enable theming.
  • AppThemeAccess.theme to access current theme.
  • We have predefined theme for free use. (LeanAppTheme)
  • Darkmode is supported but optional.