A Flutter widget data table that can be loaded lazily. The table also has a column header row and a row header column that will stay in view. (This widget is still in development, and may not work 100%)

This widget is based on table-sticky-headers made by Alex Bacich, so credits to him.


  • Scrollable when items overflow
  • Column and row headers stay in view
  • Items are loaded lazily
  • Custom size for individual columns or rows.
  • Themable

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To use this widget, add lazy_data_table: ^0.3.1 to your dependencies in pubspec.yaml

  lazy_data_table: ^0.3.1

Then the package can be included in a file with:

import 'package:lazy_data_table/lazy_data_table.dart';

And then the LazyDataTable can be used as following:
(This example is used to create the table in the gif above)

  rows: 100,
  columns: 100,
  tableDimensions: LazyDataTableDimensions(
    cellHeight: 50,
    cellWidth: 100,
    topHeaderHeight: 50,
    leftHeaderWidth: 75,
  topHeaderBuilder: (i) => Center(child: Text("Column: ${i + 1}")),
  leftHeaderBuilder: (i) => Center(child: Text("Row: ${i + 1}")),
  dataCellBuilder: (i, j) => Center(child: Text("Cell: $i, $j")),
  topLeftCornerWidget: Center(child: Text("Corner")),


If you have any problems or even suggestions feel free leave them here