This package will slowly split into smaller packages under flutter_lazy.

Intended to save time, especially from things that are very repetitive across projects.


  • supply common, acceptable defaults
  • shorthands for common, repetitive tasks



Name Api Stable Description
HttpClient.dart yes A http.BaseClient wrapper class taking headers parameter.
base.dart partial Collection of static functions and constants
flutter.dart no Collection of static functions and constants for Flutter
extensions/ yes Extensions for ByteData, DateTime, List, String, Uint8List
g_apis/ yes GDrive,GSign,GSync
theme_provider.dart yes A wrapper function to setup a default ThemeProvider from 'package:theme_provider/theme_provider.dart'
widgets/ partial About,SpinningWidget are stable, Switch, LabeledSwitch still require some work


Name Api Stable Description
GDrive yes A wrapper class for Google DriveApi with following methods: create, get, list, searchLatest.
GSignIn yes GoogleSignIn wrapper class with a signInHandler. Build in listener for account status change, and a GSignInMsg notifier msg
GSync yes A bridge between GDrive, GSignIn and local data/content for syncing to and from Google Drive appData space.

Getting started

flutter pub add lazy


Working progress, examples will be added

To prevent type collision, alway import with as lazy as follow:

import 'package:lazy_collection/lazy_collection.dart' as lazy;

Additional information

This package will slowly split into smaller packages and under flutter_lazy repo.