Generate dependency diagram in every folder of your Dart or Flutter source code as Mermaid flowchart documents.

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Configure layerlens

  1. Run dart pub global activate layerlens

  2. Verify you can run layerlens. If you get command not found, make sure your path contains pub cache.

  3. To see the diagrams in your IDE:

  • VSCode: install Markdown Preview Mermaid Support extension

  • Android Studio: enable the "Mermaid" extension in the Markdown language settings

Generate diagrams

  1. Run layerlens <your package root>

  2. Find the generated file in each source folder, where libraries or folders depend on each other.

  3. In VSCode, right click and select 'Open Preview'

CI: re-generate on every GitHub push

  1. Add a dev_dependency to
  2. Copy the content of run-layerlens.yaml to .github/workflows.

Alert on circular references

You may want to avoid circular references, because without circles:

  1. Code is easier to maintain
  2. Chance of memory leaks is smaller
  3. Treeshaking (i.e. not includine non-used code into build) is more efficient
  4. Incremental build is faster

LayerLens marks inverted dependencies (dependencies that create circles) with '!'.

If, in addition, you want presubmit alerting for circular references, upvote the issue and explain your use case.

Supported languages

While layerlens concepts are language agnostic, for now only dart is supported. Please submit an issue, if you want other language to be added.

Contribute to layerlens

See for details.


Apache 2.0; see LICENSE for details.