Laravel Exception

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  • since we work with APIs built with Laravel almost daily
  • i have built this package to easily wrap the validation , NotFound , Internal Server Error exceptions which laravel might throw
  • you can easily know which fields got rejected or have failed and there messages in case of validation
  • in laravel debug mode extract the message easily with the stack trace
  • also you can build your custom exception if needed


  • LaravelException abstract class which will parse the laravel response
  • LValidationException Exception for 422 status code use the constructor to create objects
  • LServerException Exception for 500 status code use the parse(Map) factory to create objects
  • LNotFoundException Exception for 404 status code use the parse(Map) factory to create objects


if(res.statusCode == 422){
      throw  LValidationException(;
}else if(res.statusCode == 500){
      throw  LServerException.parse(;
}else if(res.statusCode == 404){
      throw  LNotFoundException.parse(;

What is next ?

  • dio interceptor
  • logs


Support for doing something royal.