lab_sound_ffi is the LabSound wrapper for Dart.

You need to manage the binary library yourself.

We provide compiled binaries:

Actions -> Select latest workflow -> Artifacts -> Download the platform you need

Or you can compile it yourself.


LabSound is a lazy-loading singleton class, You need to override the DynamicLibrary load method before executing other methods.

LabSound.overrideDynamicLibrary(() =>"LabSoundBridge.framework/LabSoundBridge"), OperatingSystem.macOS);
LabSound.overrideDynamicLibrary(() =>"./path/"), OperatingSystem.linux);
// ..... more platforms

if you are a flutter project please use lab_sound_flutter, which already contains the binary library

All API's might change without warning and no guarantees are given about stability. Do not use it in production.


  • x Android
  • x iOS
  • x Mac
  • x Windows
  • x Linux
  • Web